Support for Development of Social Workers

SkillHelp aims to increase the level of soft skills of employees in the area of social assistance and the empowerment of social workers emphasizing the emotional and psychological aspect of the services they provide while strengthening the relationship between the social worker and his client. Finally, it targets at improving the well-being of social workers. In order to implement these goals, the project foresees the realization of four Intellectual Outputs:

  1. Diagnostic Tool for Assessment of Soft Skills (IO1)
  2. E-learning platform fostering soft skills improvement (IO2)
  3. Online course empowering social workers (IO3)

The partnership consists of five European organizations from:

  • Spain (Instalofi Levante SL)
  • Cyprus (Center For Social Innovation Ltd)
  • Greece (Center For Education And Innovation)
  • Bulgaria (Sdrudzenie Znam I MOGA)
  • Romania (ASSIST Software Srl)