Peers for Inclusion – Open Learning Platform

Aim: Our aim is to increase the social inclusion of youngsters with disabilities through peer-lead on-line workshops that use digital tools as base for experiential learning. For this, we plan to develop an improved programme for combating discrimination of young people with disabilities that addresses needs, weaknesses and threats. The most feasible solution we identified was to make an online learning platform that would allow organisations to deliver such workshops using digital tools.

In this project there are four (4) organizations from Romania (Ofensiva Tinerilor & Association of the blind and visually impaired & Association of the deaf & Net Cleaner), two (2) from Slovenia (MCC & Vozim), two (2) from Greece (INNOVED & Health Welfare Center) one (1) from Bulgaria (Foundation for development of the cultural and business potential of civil society) and one (1) from Belgium (EPTO).

The partnership will focus on the creation of the Open Learning Platform. By the end of the project the partners will:

  • Develop a dedicated on-line resource & learning platform that EU organisations can use to make their activities more accessible and combat ableism among young people
  • Create the capacity to include young people with disabilities in their socio-educational activities
  • Increase the participation in youth work activities for youngsters with disabilities
  • Combat manifestations of ableism among local young people