Our Digital Future

Acronym: ODF

Our Digital Future project contributes to the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition’s pledge as the intellectual outputs created within the project are promoting the acquisition of digital skills amongst Europeans.

The project foresees the realization of three core Intellectual Outputs as indicated below:

  • IO1 – 32 Visual Infographics
  • O2 – 16 Interview based videos with 16 lesson plans
  • IO3 – 1 Digital platform and 1 app

The key outcomes of the project are:

  • Contributing to the initial and continuous professional development of VET career advisors
  • Supporting the uptake of digital practices for the teaching by supplying VET career advisors with a set of resources on a digital platform and an app
  • Creating an opportunity for VET career advisors to exchange innovative practices with each other
  • Raising awareness among other VET stakeholders and decision makers about the future emerging jobs and the importance of relevant career advice.