Smart Business For All

Smart Business For All

The SMAB project aims to foster migrants’ sense of belonging and fighting an ‘us and them’ narrative. In order to implement

that goal, the project foresees the realization of four Intellectual Outputs:

IO1 Smart Business: National Case Studies On Migrant Needs

IO2 Certified Training Programme: e-learning

IO3 The Career Kit (Start Up Migrants)

IO4 The Resource Center (RS)

SMAB is implemented by 7 partners :

Norway (Kompetansesenter For Brukererfaring Og Tjenesteutvikling (KBT ) & Prios Kompetanse AS), Germany (Startup Migrants UG), Spain (Clictic S.L. & Markeut Skills Sociedad Limitada (MEUS)), Poland (Stowarzyszenie “EURO LIDER”) and Greece (InnovED).

The project has been funded by the

Norwegian National Agency

(agreement no. 2021-1-NO01-KA220-VET-000034660) coordinated by

the Norwegian organization

“Kompetansesenter For Brukererfaring Og Tjenesteutvikling (KBT)”.