European Digital Cultural Heritage and Values for Migrant Empowerment and Inclusion in Adult Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of the cultural sector, as when concerts and other activities started to be cancelled or postponed and museums, cinemas, monuments and other cultural buildings started to close, culture professionals saw a decrease in their already little pay check. Having these in mind, theEurope4all project foresees to organically work with these  professionals to increase the skills and competences of both immigrants and  adult educators/ trainers, as well as the resilience of local artists and culture professionals through important moments of the European Cultural Heritage.

The project’s objectives are to:

  • Help adult immigrants learn about and make European values on their own;
  • Provide adult educators with tools in order to raise awareness on the importance of Europe’s cultural heritage, and values;
  • Develop (young) adults’ creativity skills through video recordings of cultural heritage products;
  • Organize National and European events to spread the project’s products and results.

The project’s partners are from: Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Italy and Netherlands.