….is a non-governmental organization, operating in the not for profit sector.

The organization, established in 2019, has its own identity with a prominent position in Greece.

The main mission of InnovED is the support and promotion of individuals and/or organizations as far as vocational education and training is concerned with sole aim the encouragement and advancement of employability and self-empowerment by innovation fostering educational material, techniques and methods.

The organizational objectives base on the creation and development of knowledge and skills through research, practical experience, training and simulation so as to conclude into contributing  to the cultural and economic development of the local community and wider society.

InnovED focuses on education and training enhancement through research, experimentation, training, exchange of good practices through a highly innovative character using state of the art technologies and applications that serve its purposes.

The participation in innovative and sustainable actions serves the organizational goals meeting the needs of various target groups as a means of motivational and inspirational empowerment that boosts parties at a local, regional, national and European level.

The creation of up to date, original, inventive educational material, tools and techniques that entitle parties to equal opportunities and self empowerment being an active part of the society, demonstrates the main operation of the organization. The continuous development of professional opportunities and the integration into the labor market as active individuals/citizens constitutes its main

Our Focal point

Our role is not to be just a VET provider organization but a generator of knowledge and innovative pathways  that delivers the end users’ tailored and individual needs through justified gratification.

Furthermore, the organizational goals revolve around InnovED being a permanent link between individuals and the labor market through the provision of tailored training and educational material applied in the VET sector an not only.

As part of its future goals the organization aims at strengthening its cooperations both at a national and international level in order to enable its goals and objectives practically form.

entreprises, entrepreneurs, self-employment


societal inequality elimination


the provision of educational and training material


social inclusion and equality


mutual cultural enrichment


exchange of good practices


strengthening of international cooperation so as to meet individual needs



The organization provides career guidance, consulting and support to the tailored, personalized and individual needs. 

InnovED main activities involve:

  • entrance or/and re-entrance to the labor market
  • guidance and support
  • access to equal rights, solidarity and equality
  • educational and training tools/methods/techniques

As part of its activities and the fulfillment of its goals, InnovED aims at implementing various project initiatives which have as a main target to reinforce the development of new instruments and innovative solutions related to its objectives.

The organization pursues the advancement of individual self-affirmation towards employability.



The commitment of the organization lies upon its highly experienced personnel involved in numerous project initiatives with great dedication into creating tailored high end outcomes with an innovative character that promotes the potential of added value.

The InnovED team has been involved in initiatives that emphasized:

  • social inclusion/fewer opportunities and people with disabilities
  • human rights and migration
  • entrepreneurship and employability
  • sports, gender equality and dual career


Although a newly operating organization, InnovED possesses a tremendous networking channel at various levels, acknowledging the utter importance  of sustainable dissemination and diffusion of results and outcomes.

The organization collaborates and closely works with more than 50 collaborative business partners of all sectors and at various levels.

The organizational permanent network is enhanced with both public and private bodies that demonstrate active roles in the fast pace moving nowadays societies (regional authorities, chambers of commerce, educational regional authorities, employment agencies, universities, municipalities, companies and NGO’s).